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Our Story |From the Hip Photo | Colorado photographers

the FROM THE HIP story begins
(as good stories so often do)
with two people deeply in love.

Nina and Danny met in New York City while in college working on their art degrees. Nina studied photography and illustration at the prestigious Pratt Institute before earning her MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art while Danny got his film studies degree at New York University.

After a chance encounter in 2003 at the Manhattan bar where Danny was a DJ, the two were inseparable. In 2007, as they were planning their wedding, the two founded what would become From the Hip Photo, a joint venture specializing in wedding, event, and portrait photography. The business was named in a nod to the candid, spontaneous style espoused by its photographers as well as the fresh, distinctive aesthetic of their work.

From the Hip Photo | Colorado's best-reviewed photographers

then the FROM THE HIP family grew
(as little families sometimes do).

It didn’t take long for Nina and Danny to realize they had found their true calling as photographers. During their first full year focusing exclusively on photography, the pair photographed three dozen weddings in addition to numerous engagement and portrait sessions… and they’ve haven’t looked back since!

As the months passed, the size of their team grew to include some amazingly talented folks, and the scope of the photographic projects they took on organically expanded into varied, exciting niches.

Our Story |From the Hip Photo | Colorado photographers

today & tomorrow

Photography assignments have taken us across the state of Colorado and beyond–we’ve teamed up to document sessions in New York City, Miami, Chicago, and other cities, as well as international shoots in Costa Rica and Mexico.

On the corporate side of our work, businesses as varied as Herm├Ęs, Ralph Lauren, Charles Schwab, Kroger, Zillow, the and University of Colorado have trusted From the Hip to represent their brand. We’re regional photography partners for companies including AirBnB and Scoutmob but have also worked closely with mom and pop businesses in Colorado from candy shops to yoga studios. Our real estate photography has helped showcase hundreds and hundreds of homes and rental properties spanning the Centennial State.

And that’s just the beginning.

Ask us about our aerial photography drone or our social media concierge service at weddings or any of the other innovations we’re constantly bringing into the mix to take better care of you. Google us and see what our previous clients have said about us and why they’ve made us the best-reviewed photographers in Colorado. Call Danny right now; his cell number is 720-251-5329 (and yes, those are the same digits his mother dials to check in on her beautiful granddaughters).

Our Story | From the Hip Photo | Colorado's best photographers