Our Mission

Our Mission | From the Hip Photo | Colorado's best photographers

our mission is to capture genuine moments with

and provide unrivaled service that is

Those are some lofty words, so how exactly do we deliver on this promise?

    • We recognize that each photo session and every client is different. From construction phase photography, food and menu photography, to conference and event work every assignment presents a distinct set of challenges and opportunities–that’s a big part of why we love what we do. We actively work with each of our clients to provide an approach custom tailored to your vision and budget.


  • We give you all of your photos. Regardless of what package you decide upon, you will receive all of your photos on DVD at their full resolution at no additional cost. No watermarks, no copy-protection, no asterisks, no fine print. When we say your photos are yours, we mean it.



  • You can do what you want with your images. Having all of your photos wouldn’t do you any good if you were limited in what you could do with them–that’s why usage rights are literally written into our contracts. Whether uploading a professional headshot to Linkedin, using real estate or architectural photography to help sell a home, utilizing photos for marketing collateral you are free to do as you please.



  • We treat your photos like works of art. Anyone can master the technical aspects of photography, but our team pairs solid fundamentals with formal academic art education. We’ve studied hard to ensure that our photos aren’t boring or typical. Instead, we are always looking for inventive ways of creating captivating images.



  • We are always striving to improve. While we are very proud of our track record of thrilled clients, we aim to continually elevate quality of the service and product we provide. Whether it’s staying abreast of trends and development in the world of photography, expanding our collection of cutting-edge equipment, or implementing suggestions gleaned from post-service conversations, the only thing that remains constant about From the Hip is our desire to get even better at what we do.


  • We listen to you. It sounds like a silly thing to say, but by truly listening to you, we better understand your goals for your photography session and better equip ourselves to deliver outstanding results. Instead of imposing our vision on you, From the Hip always seeks to adapt our style of candid photography to the specifics of your situation, your priorities, and your goals for the finished product.