Our Green Commitment

Solar panel array | Our Green Commitment | From the Hip Photo

companies should have a conscience.

Every business has a responsibility to the community it serves. That’s why From the Hip strives to be eco-conscious and sustainably-driven.

Here are a few examples of how we fulfill our commitment to being green:

  • Our studio is 100% solar-powered, meaning everything from our retouching work to our website updates are powered by a renewable, truly clean energy source.Even better: we actually generate more power than we use here at Foxbase Alpha, which means that From the Hip creates renewable energy that gets pumped back into the grid.(And yes, those are our actual panels up at the top of the page as photographed by Bumblebee, our aerial drone camera!)
  • From the Hip is a Green Bride Guide Approved Vendor, meaning we have passed the independent agency’s certification process for wedding industry companies committed to being eco-friendly.
  • Our main fleet vehicle is a Toyota Prius hybrid with electric vehicle capability, reducing our carbon footprint even on far-flung mountain destination weddings.
  • Our process is completely digital, from the DSLR cameras we shoot with to the online proofing system our clients use. This minimizes waste inefficiencies and obviates the need to use harmful chemicals during the development process.
  • We utilize rechargeable battery sources for our speed lighting equipment and camera bodies, resulting in less landfill waste.
  • All of our agreements may be transmitted digitally upon request, reducing paper waste and shipping fuel costs.